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Full text of "The nation needs flour grow more wheat and rye ... more food next year is patriotism"

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Historic, archived document 

Do not assume content reflects current 
scientific knowledge, policies, or practices. 

Emergency Poster 7 

Prepared and published under the direction of the State Council of Defense 

July, 1917 




The Nation Needs Flour 

Grow More Wheat and Rye 

Wheat and Rye are the backbone of America's bread supply. Grains are high, 
duction again exceeds consumption, they are likely to stay so, war or no war. 
bushels are wanted to meet existing needs. 

Until pro- 
Millions of 

Heavy Demand Means High Prices 

Pedigree seed will increase your yield from 20 to 25 per cent. 
Your miller or banker will gladly help you secure such seed. 

Pure Bred Varieties Best 

The heavy yielding varieties of WINTER WHEAT are: 

Turkey Red — Wisconsin Pedigree No. 2. 
Bascsa — Wisconsin Pedigree No. 408. 
Kharkov — Wisconsin Pedigree No. 208. 

The best varieties of RYE are: 

Wisconsin Pedigree No. 1 . 
Wisconsin Pedigree No. 2. 

Sow a Few Acres This Fall 

Wisconsin leads in rye production. Millers say that Wisconsin pedi- 
greed rye makes the best flour. 

Wisconsin was once a leading wheat producing state. 

Wisconsin's fertile acres, kept so by crop rotation and live stock, can 
again 4 'come back" with larger and profitable crops of wheat. 

Your Chance to Profit 

Is there not a field on your farm which you can profitably sow to wheat 
or rye this fall? 

An acre sown this year will make your bank account bigger at harvest 
time. If you grow your own bread you can save on your flour bill. 

Write for free booklet on wheat and rye growing. 

More Food for Next Year is Patriotism 

Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Wisconsin, Madison 

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